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Car Rental Application

Logo Making

Carwah is one of the most well-known platforms for renting cars in the Kingdom through the application.

Using triangle shape to form the letter (KAF) represent Stability, Energetic, Strength, Purpose, Progression, as the triangle is sitting on its base, it tends to represent direction (like an arrow), movement and speed.

The symbol of navigation arrow is a direct message of the company’s business, and with a perfect formation for the letter KAF and the navigation symbol, it shows that it’s an Arabian brand, and denotes positive, upward or outward movement, making it a great logo symbol in the car rental, marketing, and automotive sectors.


We designed a full branding identity starting from the  logo creation, signage, stationary, gift items, vehicle wrapping, uniforms, advertising, digital ads and social media.

  • Date: 2018
  • Client : Carwah
  • Location : Riyadh